20 Things I Learned In 2020

20 Things I learned in 2020 christopher pagli

This list is a compilation of my thoughts and observations throughout 2020.  Please feel free to chime in and share this post with a friend who needs to know they are not alone.


  1. I don’t need to go to an office. Working from home requires discipline, but once you have it, you’ll increase your productivity.⁣
  2. Many things I thought I needed in my life aren’t necessary.⁣
  3. I touch my face way too often.⁣
  4. Homeschooling and working from home is an educational challenge.⁣
  5. I don’t need to sit in restaurants. I love dining out, but so many restaurants are providing an equally fulfilling takeout experience.⁣
  6. I’m obsessed with grocery stores. I’m often seen roaming the aisles stocking up for the apocalypse.⁣
  7. Check in with your children. Ask them how they’re doing every day. All may seem well, but feelings are happening under those layers of innocence and sweetness. No kids? Check-in with your inner child.⁣
  8. Don’t believe everything you hear. Do your research and make decisions that work for you and your family.⁣
  9. I’ve been socially distancing half my life.⁣
  10. Your home is your sanctuary.⁣
  11. Slowing down is a good thing. In a stay-at-home way, I’ve never lived more freely.⁣
  12. People around the world feel the same way I do.⁣
  13. Most of the epic things I planned to do with my extra time never happened.⁣
  14. Dance parties suck on Zoom.⁣
  15. Self-awareness is the gift that keeps on giving.⁣
  16. Our country needs a spa weekend.⁣
  17. I could have hand delivered holiday cards and packages faster than the post office.⁣
  18. Netflix still has mostly crappy shows. Some things never change.⁣
  19. I have lots of great dress clothes but nowhere to go.⁣
  20. Positivity is a choice.

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