One-On-One Coaching – $85.00/hour and monthly packages available.

Personalized virtual via Zoom or in-person sessions tailored to your specific personal branding or marketing needs.  Social media account management and content creation available for a limited amount of clients.  Inquire about availability.

Social Media Profile and Website Audit / Needs Assessment – $397.00

This 50 question thought-provoking exercise will help you me get to know you and how you want the public to perceive you.  It’s designed to uncover strengths, weaknesses, habits, areas to focus, and lay the foundation for your successful personal branding strategy.  The more I know the better I can help you connect to your brand.


The process is simple, you provide thoughtful answers on a google form questionnaire.  From there, I will perform a Google search for your name and business to see what a potential customer might find.

I look for inconsistencies and areas that need improvement across social media and the web.  I will provide you with detailed notes and recommendations so you can begin making changes.  From there, we will develop a sustainable personal branding strategy and put systems in place to manage your efforts. We will meet virtually or in-person for a one hour follow-up to answer any questions and review my findings.

Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising Workshops – $50.00-60.00/Person

Customized workshops are available for groups of three or more at your convenience.  Inquire about pricing and details.

My Linkedin, Facebook For Business, Instagram For Business, Video Marketing, and Digital Advertising workshops are an excellent way for you to get an affordable education in a group setting.

They are two hours long and in-person workshops are limited to ten guests. We will discuss the tone and how the algorithm for each platform works, best practices for posting and engaging your audience, and productivity techniques for managing your time.

Each guest will receive class notes, and one lucky winner will receive a business tool.

If you prefer one-on-one, then my personalized hourly coaching sessions might be a better fit.

Marketing Your Business Through Video – $85.00/hour

I will help you identify which type of video to use for your business, whether it is Facebook Live, animated, or recorded.  We will cover ways to get comfortable in front of the camera, content ideas, distribution, promotion, and affordable tools.  If you prefer to have me create engaging slideshows and edit recorded videos for you, we can discuss your needs and pricing.