Insanely Useful Gift Ideas For The Business Marketer In Your Life (or You)

Every business owner needs practical tools to succeed.  Here are my top picks for insanely useful gifts to help the business marketer in your life become more confident and productive.


Pro Writing Aid – This tool is an automatic editor for your writing.  I was a Grammarly user for a long time and gave Pro Writing Aid a try after receiving many heartfelt email offers. Saving $70 bucks on a year’s subscription was also enticing.  

Whether you are creating social media posts, web pages, real estate listing remarks, or blog posts, this tool will help you write better.  The editor goes way beyond spelling and grammar to help you improve your writing style and structure. Current pricing – 1-year $70, a 2-year $100, a 3-year $140, or lifetime for $240.


Inkletech Ring Light  – Good lighting is everything when you are making videos.  This light ring is perfect for bringing your bright ideas forward.  It comes with a mount for mobile devices or DSLR cameras, a travel bag, a six foot stand, and a remote control for the light and your phone. I got mine for $84 on Cyber Monday, reduced from $199.00.  Whoa!


iPhone Video Bundle: I use these products to and love them. If you want to make professional looking videos from your smartphone, these tools are essential.

ProMovie App – For just $2.99, you can transform your smartphone into a professional video camera.  It shoots in HD 1080 or 4k and comes with loads of settings for adjusting the exposure, frame rate, color temperature, and more.  All the things you can’t do with a typical smartphone camera.

Pop Voice Lavalier Lapel Mic – This lapel mic plugs into the microphone jack on your phone and makes your videos sound professional. Your viewers will feel more connected to you. If you have an iPhone 7 or newer, you’ll need an adapter for the headphone jack (I’ve got you covered, that’s next on the list).  $12.99

Apple Lightning Headphone Jack Adaptor  – There are many adaptors out there but this is the only one that I found that works with the Lavalier mic.  Buy it direct from Apple for only $9.00

Victiv 72” Camera Tripod – It’s compact and easy to use with smartphones or DSLR cameras. Place it on your desktop.  Go full length. Take it with you wherever you go for more stable videos. 


Skillshare membership – Wouldn’t it be cool to have access to thousands of classes ranging from entrepreneurship to marketing and design for only $99.00/year?  You can! Skillshare has you covered. An hour a day goes a long way.


The Unamerican Dream – By Carlos Hidalgo – Carlos shares his journey through entrepreneurship and how getting lost in the everyday grind almost cost him his family.  His wife wrote a chapter and shared her perspective. Brilliant idea!  Hearing both sides strengthens the impact. He talks about finding work life boundaries rather than balance. If you are lost in the daily hustle, this book is for you.  


Find Your Writing Voice – By Chris Brogan – Every marketer needs to find their tone of voice. It’s a critical part of your foundation for a strong marketing strategy and what your audience will connect with.  Chris teaches you to write like you are having coffee face-to-face with an old friend. This book is easy to read, full of a-ha moments, and writing exercises.


Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad – Once the water gets goin’ the ideas start flowin’.  Some of the best ideas are born in the shower.  Now you can write them down mid-lather.


Sticker Mule – Sticker Mule creates high-quality labels, stickers, coaster, packaging, wall graphics, magnets, buttons, and their customer service rocks!  Orders typically ship within four days, for free. You can order samples to see what your finished product looks like before placing a large order.

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